Dog Training Tips

dog training helpThough dog training can be a long and arduous process, in the long run it is extremely rewarding. If you take the time to train your dog properly, you’ll end up with a loyal and compassionate canine companion.

Learn to recognize your dog’s moods

When encouraging your dog to try new things or to meet new people, remember to be aware of its moods. Once you are familiar with the manner in which your dog normally behaves, it will be easier to notice when he or she is afraid, tense or anxious. By understanding how your dog is reacting to certain situations, (such as meeting new people,) you can vary your approach accordingly.

Don’t send out confusing signals

When it comes to dog training, make sure your approach is thorough and consistent. It is vital that there is a consistency in your commands. For example, if you reprimand your dog for climbing on the furniture, make sure no-one else in your household is praising the animal for the exact same behavior. When it comes to dog training tips, consistency is key.

Use treats to reinforce good behavior

If you’re worried that you’re not making much progress with your dog training, try using small treats as an incentive. Whenever your dog behaves well or acts on a command promptly, reward him or her with a small treat. Your dog will then come to associate the giving of treats with the following of commands. As well as using food, reward your dog with praise and pats on the head. Remember to address your dog in an encouraging tone as and when they achieve one of their long sought training goals.


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