Banfield Pet Insurance

cute puppyThe cost of treating your pets can cost a truly scary amount of money, in fact the cost of treating your cat or dog could be similar to paying for an operation on yourself. That is precisely why pet insurance and pet wellness plans were developed in the first place. How much any plan will cost can depend on what kind of pet you are wanting to insure, and for how long the policy is required. You would think it would be more expensive to insure larger animals yet that is not always the case as sometimes the specialist treatments that smaller animals could need is more expensive in comparison. It can be more awkward to treat kitten than a cat.

The thing with Banfield Pet Insurance is that it is confined to getting your pet medical treatment at one of the 800 Banfield pet hospitals across the United States. In affect if you decide to arrange a policy with them you are actually paying for a Banford Pet Wellness plan. These plans work on a similar basis to the dental and medical plans that people have. For example a yearly policy fee will mean that get a certain number of visits, consultations, prescriptions and vaccinations included in the price. Such plans can be far more cost effective than paying for individual vet appointments and vaccinations. The downside is that the policies do not tend to cover unexpected vet treatments and cannot used outside of Banfield hospitals.

You can draw up your own wellness plan to include as much treatment as you want, or believe that your pet may require. Of course the more things included in the wellness plan the more the scheme will cost you. Having said that you can include more injections for a puppy or a kitten than you would for an adult dog or cat. Costs will depend on the age of your pet, as well as where you live. Over all you will probably think that one of these plans is a couple hundred dollars well spent.


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